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As Director and Founder of the Pollen Trail Cultural Consulting, we have chosen to follow a passion to teach and carry on the cultural and traditions of the Dine' or Navajo.  Working in the field of cultural education we have experienced many innovative, fun and creative ways to integrate the Navajo Language, Music, Dance, Storytelling and the Arts and Crafts of our people.  

Albert Chase

Director - Founder


I have been working in cultural consulting for more then 30 years now and it's been a very rewarding journey.  I continue to look forward to more connections with our younger generations as well as the world. 

Garrick Yazzie

Co-Director & Performer

The Pollen Trail Dancers is where I started about 22 years ago.  Along with willing family members and siblings, we have met many opportunities in working along side Mr. Chase in teaching, performing and learning to be a true entrepreneur.  A good path.

Friends & Family

Our Inspirations


We are so blessed to have supportive family and friends who stand and believe in our work.  Much love to our elders blessings, our medicine people, our cultural advisors and our connections with many.  Most importantly our students so willing to learn their language and culture.  We Stand Proud.

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