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Our beloved late grandmother,  Mae B. Chase was our inspiration to continue teaching cultural and language.

She was a wonderful storyteller,  an herbalist, a fantastic weaver, and a loving mother, grandmother & great grandmother.  She gave us the name Pollen Trail Dancers.  She would tell us the corn pollen represents pray and continuity.  Today we continue to honor the spirit and blessings of our grandmother as well as our elders.

Teaching language has been inspired by our grandfather, Fredrick Chase who was a Navajo Code Talker.  Using the Navajo Language they created unbreakable codes during WW2, and helped in bringing many of our American Troops home.  He would tell us to never loose our Navajo Language.  Today we teach the Navajo Language in Honor of our Navajo Code Talkers and all those who passed down the Language.  

Albert Chase & Garrick Yazzie work in many venues in cultural consulting.  Schools of all grades,  Movie Crews, Tourist attracted places.  We have traveled abroad sharing Tradition and Culture through Music, Stories, Dances and Arts and Crafts.  

Navajo Language

If you have not found an innovative instruction of the Navajo Language, you have just discovered us.  As a certified Navajo Language Instructor we begin with Sounds (Goo Goo and Gaa Gaas).  If you do not know what your language sounds like you will not recognize it.  We ease all our students as they begin to build confidence in speaking reading and writing.  Our language instructions are connected to our Music, Dance, and the Arts & Crafts. 

Music & Dances

The Pollen Trail Dancers  perform at many venues.  Yes, we've been many places even other countries,  but our preference is to stay here on our home land and have the world come to us.  A popular destination, the Grand Canyon South Rim is where you will find the featured Pollen Trail Dancers.  

Arts & Crafts

Creative teaching through hands on activities that work hand in hand with all our cultural teaching and language lessons.


The Arts and Crafts are also a very important part of our Native American Traditions.  We are passionate about teaching our learners many different styles and medium of the crafts.  Look out for our online store or contact us for orders. 






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